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Money-back guarantee

Silver & Gold Websites

If our silver and gold lead generation websites don’t generate you more leads than your previous website, will we give you your money back.

We are not going to try and hide behind legal and marketing terms to wiggle out of our guarantee because we have our terms & condition below that are easy to understand.

But if you need any further clarification on any of these terms, do get in touch.


Terms and Conditions:


  • If the number of leads for 12 months after the website launch is less than the 12 months beforehand, we will refund 100% of the fees that you paid direct to us for your website design project…and you can keep the promo video for free
  • If you get refunded we will remove the website that we designed and built from your domain and reinstall your previous website at no extra cost
  • Gleeson Digital will own the copyright to your website for 12 months after your website has gone live. So “© Gleeson Digital” will appear in the footer of your website and will be removed 1 year after your website goes live when the copyright is transferred to you
  • You need to be able to prove the number of leads that your website had for 12 months before your new website goes live using Google Analytics or something similar
  • If your website gets edited by someone other than Gleeson Digital after it has been launched and before the 12 months is up, that hasn’t been given the go-ahead by us, the guarantee is invalid
  • You will be provided with a digital marketing strategy to help you get leads after the website is built so if you don’t implement our advice the guarantee is invalid. 

€500 Off Silver & Gold Videos

When you buy a silver or gold website off of us at the same time.


Promotional Videos

We can’t offer a 100% guarantee on our promotional videos because before we start filming you have already approved what will be in the video.

However, if you don’t like the final video that will be watermarked, you don’t have to pay the final balance.

This the fairest way for both parties.

If your website designer or digital marketing agency does not offer you a money-back guarantee, you need to ask yourself why?

Full Digital Marketing Management

We do offer a money-back guarantee for all the money that you pay us directly for our full digital marketing management services.

But because each business is different and some marketing techniques such as SEO takes longer to get a return than say adverting on Facebook, the guarantee will vary from one business to another.

Any questions? If so get in touch

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A digital marketing and website design agency that helps businesses grow faster than they can on their own with a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE


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