With a money-back guarantee

Lead Generation Websites

Our websites are designed with a primary focus on turning your website visitors into leads and then customers. Plus, they also come with a digital marketing strategy blueprint for you to follow that will ensure that your business gets a steady flow of leads long after your website is built.

We won’t be asking you to provide us with all the website text so we can just cut and paste it into a website for you, that is so lame, we offer so much more than that.

A good website with the right digital marketing strategy will pay for itself many times over.

Our completely “done for you” website service is exactly that. We’ll handle everything for you that includes on-page SEO to get more leads from Google and convincing sales copy to generate more leads from your website visitors.

Because a website without visitors is like a torch without batteries. If you have a site that just “looks pretty” and doesn’t generate any money, you’ll know exactly what we mean.

If there is one thing that you can take away from visiting our website, please let it be this, mediocre businesses have mediocre websites.

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Just to make it clear, we don’t build websites without giving you a digital marketing strategy. If you read on you’ll see why.

A digital marketing strategy covers a lot of interconnecting areas of your business. First, there is the research into your industry, your competitor’s, your ideal customers and where they can be found online. Then there is finding out what their pain points are so that we can market how you solve their problem to them. Finally, there is a digital marketing blueprint which details the best ways to market your business across all your digital channels and maybe even some new ones.

“A €1,500 website that doesn’t generate any income for your business is more expensive than a €4,000 lead generation website that will pay for itself many times over.”

Gary Gleeson

Why You Need a Website With a Digital Marketing Strategy

A lead generation website combined an effective digital marketing strategy is essential if you are serious about growing your business.

Think about it this way. You can spend as much money as you want on marketing and advertising but if your potential new customers land on a crappy website they are not going to convert into a customer.

It’s the same the other way around. If you have a great website but you don’t have the right strategy to get the right type of traffic to your site, it’s all kind of pointless.

We have 4 reasons for carrying out research for your digital marketing strategy BEFORE we start to build your website:

It affects the way we build your site

It affects the sales copy (website text)

So that we have consistent messaging on your website and all your other marketing collateral and digital channels

So that we know exactly who to market your business to and where they can be found online so that they marketed to.

Our Website Design & Build Process

Brainstorming Meeting



Digital Marketing Strategy

Website Design

Website Build

Draft Website



Website Launch

Test Again

Which Website is Right For You?

If your budget doesn’t stretch this far we do have some cheaper alternatives in the FAQ section

€500 Off Silver & Gold Videos

When you buy a silver or gold website off of us at the same time.



Can you build me a website at a cheaper price?

We do offer cheaper alternatives:

  1. We can audit your current website for you for  €97 + VAT that will highlight what improvements need to be made. You can either make these improvements yourself, get another web designer to do them or we can give you a price to carry out the work.
  2. We can also visually review your current website for you in a video call consultation at €60 + VAT per hour providing you with suggestions to make your site more effective.
  3. We can build you a website for say €2,500 if you want, but you won’t be getting a €3,000 website for €2,500. We will reduce the specifications accordingly.

Maybe it would be better if you let us know what your budget is we can let you know what we can do for that price.

How long will it take to build a website?

So once the deposit is paid and we receive all of the information that we requested from you at the outset it tends to take around 3 – 5 weeks until we present you with the first draft.

We will update you every Friday to let you know how we are getting on.

Do you just build eCommerce & lead generation websites?

We do build other types of websites, for example, we are currently building a B2B social media website.

We will consider other businesses on a case by case basis. 

For example, we could build a website for a bricks and mortar retail business and advise them the best way to market their products online. But let’s say if someone sees a product on their website but they want to try it on before they buy it. That sale would be classed as an “in-store sale” that can’t be traced back to a digital marketing campaign.

So after 3 months or so and a client checks to see if our strategy works, there is a big grey area.

We prefer everything to be as black as white as possible and by sticking with eCommerce and generating leads for service-based businesses everything is trackable so we can justify our fees and offer a money-back guarantee on our gold and silver websites.

Will you build me a website without the digital marketing strategy?

No, for 3 reasons:

  1. We build lead generation websites and without the right strategy in place, the website won’t be effective.
  2. We need to carry out the digital marketing strategy because it affects how we build your website.
  3. By just providing you with a website would be providing you with a “watered down” site
Do you give credit if so what are your terms?

No, it’s 50% upfront and 50% before we launch your new site on your domain address.

This is quite normal with website designers.

Can you explain your money-back guarantee?

If you buy one of our silver or gold lead generation website off of us and if your leads don’t increase we will give you your money back and you can keep the video for free! 

We are the only digital agency in Ireland that offers a guarantee on their work.

The reason we can provide this is that we are website designers and digital marketers.

Do you really want to leave your most valuable marketing asset, your website, in the hands of a run of the mill website designer whose focus is to make your website look pretty? Or do you want a website that will generate you more leads or your money back?

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Do you work with other websites such as Squarespace?

We only work with WordPress because they are extremely customisable compared to the limitations with likes Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Drupal etc.

As a startup, it is really frustrating having to turn work down because someone prefers a WordPress alternative. But we would prefer to specialise in one website building framework rather than spreading ourselves too thin by learning others.

Can I see some examples of the websites that you have built?

Our portfolio will be displayed on our website shortly.  We are just waiting to finish off 2 websites that we want to showcase in particular.

Get in touch and will let you know when they are live on our website.

Why Choose Us

We specialise in building lead generation websites so we know exactly what works and more importantly what doesn’t

Every site that we build we treat as if it is our own so shortcuts are never an option

We don’t build “fast food websites” that just look pretty we build online solutions that will help your business grow

The quality of our websites are independently verified by the likes of Google

Money-back guarantee for our lead generation silver and gold websites…enough said

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