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What Is A Lead Generation Website?

A lead generation website is a website that captures email addresses from potential clients that visit your website so that they can be marketed to at a later stage.

According to Google 1-3% of your websites visitors are ready to buy traffic. That is what most website designers concentrate on when in fact the real money is made with the other 97% that are in research mode and might not be ready to buy straight away.

By emailing them regularly your business will remain top of mind and they will be thinking of you when they are ready to buy.

What Is An SEO Website?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation.

A website that has been optimised for SEO means that it appears high up on Google search engine results pages.

Google users are searching for the services that you offer. So SEO is a great way to get red hot leads and clients.

Project Brief

Website Design

Build a website where website visitors’ email addresses can be captured and for the website to appear high up on Google.

Digital Marketing Strategy

To get leads from the website in exchange for a lead magnet.

Website traffic comes from search engines such as Google.

Project Management

We liaised with a branding expert and copywriter to ensure that the look and feel for the website matched both ours and the client’s vision.

Digital Marketing Implementation

To carry out on-page SEO after the website has gone live and ranked by Google.

Digital Marketing Training

We trained the website owner on how to post blogs and edit the website himself.

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What We Delivered

Website Functionality

We built a website with a blog section, links to an external online appointment booking system, set up an online email sign up form, designed a lead magnet, set up an email autoresponder using MailChimp and optimised the website for SEO.

Digital Marketing Research

We carried out some keyword research so that the website appears high up on Google for the most popular searches on search engines such as Google

Digital Marketing Management

None required.

Digital Marketing Coaching

We showed Mark, the website owner how to use his site, post blog posts and edit his website.

Website User’s Journey

Types a search term into Google
Clicks to the website
Lands on website
Signs up for the email
Receives regular emails
Signs up for an appointment

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