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Our Approach to Digital

Gleeson Digital’s primary focus is and always will be to create online solutions to generate leads and qualified traffic to help businesses grow. Whether that be through lead generation websites, marketing funnels or technology that has even been invented yet.

We firmly believe that both your website and digital marketing need to work in synergy.

Our approach for 2020 that works is a melting pot of strategic web design, savvy digital marketing, video, paid advertising and sales funnels.

Marketing is all about getting your offer in front of your ideal customers, so that is exactly what we concentrate on. 

But first, we have to ensure that your website’s functionality, messaging, speed & user experience is up to scratch as we don’t want to disappoint your potential new leads as soon as they land on your website.

Traditionally, marketing is usally split into 2 categories; inbound marketing and outbound marketing. But we have a simplier and a more practical way of defining it: 

  • Short Term Marketing 33% 33%

We tend to concentrate mostly on getting immediate results for our clients and the best way to do this is through paid advertising using Facebook, YouTube & Google.

  • Medium Term Marketing 66% 66%

Search Engine Optimisation isn’t as popular as it once was but it is extremely effective at generating warm leads for people that are looking for businesses like yours.

  • Long Term Marketing 100% 100%

Social media, blogging, podcasting, YouTube channels, do work but they are long term tactics and should never be your only digital marketing techniques.

  • Short Term Marketing 33% 33%

We prefer to get immediate results for our clients. The best way in 2020 is by using paid advertising with Facebook, You Tube Linkedin & Google.

  • Medium Term Marketing 66% 66%

SEO is as effective as ever at generating hot leads. Especially, from people that are already looking for the services & products that you offer.

  • Long Term Marketing 100% 100%

Social media, blogging, podcasting & vlogging, do work but they’re long term tactics & should be used with short term tactics to get the best results.

Our Team

We don’t have any employees as such. Instead, we have an amazing small team of freelancers and specialists that work from home or in co-working spaces in Ireland. It’s the way that the digital service industry is going and we are quite upfront about it.

The idea that colleagues have to work in the same office isn’t necessary anymore with the technology that widely available. 

By working this way we can scale up on larger projects when required and we can produce a higher standard of work as we have a larger pool of talent to choose from.

Our Clients

We work with clients domestically in Ireland and overseas too and they all have similar things in common: 

They have a website that doesn’t generate any money for their business

They realise that they need more than just a brochure website & posting for free on Twitter & Facebook to market their business in the 20s.

They just want to outsource their marketing so that they can concentrate on other areas of their businesses

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