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Most eCommerce Websites Fail Miserably

The more products that you sell the harder it is to market them as you have to market each product individually. That’s why most online stores fail.

There is so much misinformation online and YouTubers make out that selling multiple products from an eCommerce website is easy, when in fact all they are doing is trying to make it look easy to get commission on the products that they are endorsing and getting paid by YouTube the longer that you watch their videos.

Gary is a member of several eCommerce LinkedIn & Facebook Groups and can see first hand what is and isn’t working in the 20s. 

So instead of going for an online store that sells a variety of different products Gary will teach you 3 easier ways to sell online instead.

 “eCommerce sales are exected to account for 18.1% of retail sales worldwide in 2021. It was 11.9% in 2018.”

Sources – Statista & Oberlo

Our eCommerce Solutions

Gary will teach you not 1 but 3 ways of selling online without having the headache of feeling like a full-time digital marketer churning out content all over the internet, by using just 1 digital marketing method, yes 1.


Single Product Websites

Forget trying to be the new Amazon, Gary will teach you how to build a 1 product website without spending hours marketing your online business.

You will learn where to find the products to sell but you have to keep the turnover under the current VAT threshold.

Then just rinse and repeat.


Affiliate Marketing - Websites

You can sell from your own website without even having to have stock or even order anything. You get paid commission for selling other business’ products.

The great thing about this eCommerce business model is that there isn’t any VAT on commission.

Gary will teach you how to market your website by advertising online. 



Affiliate Marketing - Social

Gary will teach you how to get paid commission to sell other business’ products.

As with all affiliate marketing, there isn’t any VAT.

It is the same method as mentioned above but without the website. Instead, you advertise these products on social media.

This service isn’t available at the moment.


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