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Let me introduce myself, my name is Gary Gleeson I head up Gleeson Digital, a progressive web design, SEO & digital marketing agency.

So many businesses are unaware that they are using out of date marketing techniques. We use up to date technology that works 24/7 that generates clients without having to create endless time consuming free content.

We are the only agency, that I know of, that offers a performance-related money-back guarantee.

In addition to this digital agency, I have an online coaching programme where I teach new coaches how to get clients.

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I started off in website design by learning how to build websites using Adobe’s Dreamweaver at Athlone Institute of Technology back in 2010.

Then I learned how to code websites from scratch and now I am a WordPress website designer because it is ideal for both web designers and to my non-techy clients too as it is so easy to use.

Anyway, enough about web design, I have also added a lot of strings to my bow such as videography, digital marketing, SEO, Facebook ads & marketing funnels.

These skills are needed in the 20s because having just a brochure website and posting for free on social media is becoming less effective every day.


I am from London originally and I have just turned fifty. I moved to Ireland in 2006 and I love the slower-paced more relaxed way of life.

Both sides of my family are from Westmeath so moving to Mullingar was fairly straight forward as I used to spend my summer holidays here as a kid.

My parents and both sets of grandparents had their own businesses so I have inherited the entrepreneurial gene.

Did you ever see the start of the film Goodfellas where the actor Ray Liotta who played the main role as Henry Hill starts off the film about how he always wanted to be a gangster? Well, that is exactly the same as I felt as a teenager about wanting to be an entrepreneur.

I was surrounded by them growing up.

I decided to start off my career working as a trainee accountant and auditor at a local accountancy practice because I thought that that was the best way to find out what was the best type of business to go into.

Then I had my eureka moment when working on a client’s monthly management accounts whilst working as a management account for international accountancy firm BDO Stoy Hayward in London. Apologies for the obvious name dropping, I couldn’t help myself.

So I set up my first business from scratch, a contract cleaning company. At the time everyone thought I was nuts but I could feel myself gradually getting sucked into the rat race and had to break free before it was too late.

My friends even nicknamed me “Mrs Mop” but it paid off because the business grew quicker than expected and I sold it several years later.

Looking back, the reason why that business was successful wasn’t that I was the best contractor around it was because of savvy timeless marketing techniques that I still use today.

I know about all the struggles that businesses encounter, so work with me and I will help you grow your business faster than you can on your own.

“A website without the right digital marketing strategy is like a car without petrol.”

Gary Gleeson


I graduated with distinction in a BSc Degree in Digital Technology & Design in 2019, which covered front-end web development, user experience concept design, web graphic design & production, advanced digital marketing campaign management & videography.

I am also a certified digital marketer & a certified trainer:


BSc Degree in Digital Technology & Design (Distinction 2019) Technological University Dublin


Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (DMI PRO 2017) Digital Marketing Institute


Training & Development Award (Distinction 2020) QQI

I am currently studying for accreditation from Facebook as an approved advertiser and I will be doing the same with Google.

My digital education has cost over €25,000 so far and it will increase to over €35,000 in January 2022 when I start a Masters Degree in Digital Marketing.

Why I Set Up Gleeson Digital

My research told me that it is really common that business owners had spent money on digital marketing and on their websites, but they didn’t create any extra income for their businesses. It doesn’t have to be like that.

I wanted to create a business that didn’t just “knock up” websites or “churn out” digital marketing content.

I wanted to set up a digital agency that actually helps businesses to grow.

I am also very passionate about helping new businesses because most of them fall into the content marketing trap of churning out endless content that doesn’t generate any additional income. So I offer businesses trading less than 2 years a discount.

We tend to have a 4 -6 week waiting list so book yourself in for a non salsey call

And Finally

When I get the time my current labour of love is building my own social media networking website. I am building it to put it up as a portfolio piece on this website and to challenge myself to see if I can pull it off. It can be very frustrating at times, but then again the most rewarding things in life are!

Some unusual things about me are that I actually don’t watch TV, well except if there is darts or snooker on and I get up at 5am every day.

I have been reading at least 1 chapter from the same business book every day since 1st January 2021 and will continue to do so for the rest of the year, maybe longer.

My most prized possession is an autograph of Cassius Clay, that’s Mohamed Ali’s boxing name before he reinvented himself. My dad got the autograph when he fought in London in the 1960s before I was born.

I did some boxing myself when I was a kid after watching the Rocky films. I only lasted 3 weeks because after seeing someone’s gum shield fly out during a not so friendly sparring session and watching a medicine ball being dropped repeatedly on someone’s stomach really put me off.

So I worked out that Space Invaders, Pac-Man & Scramble was more my kind of thing.

Let's Work Together

So that we can help your business grow faster than you can on your own


Mullingar web design, SEO & digital marketing agency in Westmeath, that helps businesses grow faster than they can on their own with a money back guarantee.


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