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Most eCommerce Websites Fail

Approximately, 70% of stand-alone eCommerce websites shut down after 6 months of trading.

Most website designers won’t tell you this, but we will.

The main reason for this is that most people assume that it is easy and that they will pick it up as they go. Combined without any website experience, digital marketing knowledge or a realistic digital marketing budget they are doomed before they even start.

Building a multi-product eCommerce website is easy. Marketing the business and each of those products is the difficult part. So we won’t touch these types of websites as they are a bottomless money pit.

Instead, we have better options. We can teach you how to sell online plus our 2 options below.

 “In 2018, eCommerce sales accounted for 11.9% of all retail sales worldwide.”

Source – Statista

Our eCommerce Solutions

If you already have an established business and want to sell online, we would be more than happy to add an online shop to your current WordPress website. Or build you a brand new WordPress website with an online shop from scratch.

These are much better options that the many stand-alone catalogue type of eCommerce websites.

Online Store Add On

If you currently have a WordPress website we can add on an online shop, just like we have on this website.

According to the Local Enterprise Office, they have found that bricks and mortar businesses that have added an online store to their websites, experienced turnover increase by over 20%.

Prices start from:

€500 + VAT

€30 per product page

eCommerce Website

You can pick either a bronze, silver or gold lead-generation website and we can add on an online shop for you.

These eCommerce websites work because website visitors can get to know, like and trust your business compared to those faceless catalogue sites.

Prices start from:

€2,500 + VAT

€30 per product page

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